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At Cooks Marine Services, we specialise in gaining access to awkward places on the river and transporting all manner of different plant, equipment, machinery and personal belongings to those hard to get to places.

We receive enquiries for many different types of river transport. Whether that is a private client looking to transport high value goods onto an island, moving house, or it is a main contractor looking to lift specialist equipment onto a hard to reach place on the river.

Whatever your requirement is for transporting items via the river, we have got you covered. We have a vast array of specialist marine plant and equipment that is capable of transporting items of all shapes and sizes up and down the river, and into those really awkward places that you simply cannot access via land. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that our tug skippers and crane operators have been working directly for us for many years, and have a lot of experience when it comes to working on the water. We have insurance cover for transporting via river all third party plant, machinery and belongings. Copies are available at the time of placing an order.

All of our plant is directly owned and maintained to the highest standards. We have modular pontoons that are connected together to form an array of different shaped safe working platforms. The spud or cam legs are lowered to provide a solid structure. We have marine cranes of all different sizes, capable of lifting large and awkward items and transporting them via the river. Our fleet of tugs consists of brand new Stormer work boats, built to our bespoke requirements, which make them ideal for all of our tug operations.

Please contact us today with any marine transport enquiries you may have.

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