If you live in the West Thames area and have travelled by river, there is a high chance that you have passed by our work. We have worked on the river for over 40 years and had knowledge passed down through generations.

We feel fortunate to be able to work on some of the most beautiful stretches of the river, delivering projects of the highest quality and being proud of what we do. We often travel passed projects that we’ve completed over 40 years ago and nothing beats that sense of pride when seeing the job standing the test of time.

“We are river people, working with water is what we do, it’s been passed down through generations”

We are proud of our reputation for getting a good job done. We believe you’re only as good as your last project, that is why our goal is to deliver a top quality project, performed to the highest possible standards, each and every time we go out to work. We enjoy what we do, we work hard and we achieve results. By using Cooks you’ll be benefiting from working with a family owned business, who’s knowledge of the West Thames is unquestionable and that has generations of experience. We do everything in our power to uphold our reputation and we promise we won’t fail to deliver.

Bank Stabilisation and Repair
Dredging and silt removal
Access and transport
Landing stages & moorings
Boat Houses
Consultancy and Early Contractor Involvement Services
Wet Docks
Sheet Piling

If you would like further information or a chance to talk to someone, please get in touch.

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