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What is What is Marine Piling?

The purpose of marine piling is to protect or retain a riverbank or other bodies of water. It is the process of installing deep foundations into the ground to retain or support what is above the water..

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What is What is an Environment Agency Flood Risk Activity Permit, (EA FRAP) and why do you need one?

In a nutshell, if you’re a riparian landowner (own a property adjacent to a watercourse) and the work you are planning to take place is within 8m of a watercourse, then typically you will need to apply....

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What is A Brief History of Riverbank Repair Techniques

All riverbanks are subject to erosion, eventually this can lead to riverbank failure. For example, the images below show the signs of a bank slip taking place and then the aftereffects following the collapse..

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What is What are the different types of moorings?

So, what is a mooring? A mooring can be loosely defined as a permanent structure to which a vessel can be tied. There are many different types of moorings and we have listed some below for your....

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News Cooks Marine Services Launch New Website

Cooks Marine Services are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! We have wanted to update our website for a while to truly showcase the work we do and to own a website to be....

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Case Studies Bushnell Marina, Wargrave, Reading

Cooks were contracted by Bushnell Marina to undertake the design and construction of the redevelopment of the existing marina....

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Case Studies Boat Hoist Runway Beam

Cooks Marine Services constructed a new boat hoist runway beam at Harleyford Marina, Marlow..

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Case Studies Riverbank Repairs and New Landing Stage, Bourne End

Cooks have built a new landing stage and undertaken riverbank repair work in Bourne End..

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Case Studies Replacement Footbridge – Medmenham, Buckinghamshire

Cooks Marine Services, designed, fabricated and installed the replacement footbridge in Medmenham..

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Case Studies Froyle Bank Collapse, Hampshire Surrey Border

Cooks were contracted by the private client to undertake emergency riverbank repairs..

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Case Studies Boathouse restoration and riverbank stabilisation, Sutton Courtenay

Boathouse renovation and riverbank repairs and stabilisation..

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Case Studies Goring Replacement Landing Stage Moorings

Replacement Landing Stage Moorings in Goring..

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Case Studies New Mooring Pontoon, Henley-on-Thames

Installation of a new mooring pontoon in Henley-on-Thames.

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Case Studies Boathouse Restoration, Wargrave

Cooks Marine Services refurbished a collapsing boathouse in Wargrave..

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Case Studies Henley Royal Regatta

Cooks Marine Services are proud to be the Principal Contractor at Henley Royal Regatta..

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