Bank Stabilisation and Repair

At Cooks Marine Services we specialise in the design, management and construction of remedial work to planned and reactive river bank collapses.

If there is land adjacent to a watercourse that has collapsed, or is showing signs of dilapidation, Cooks can attend site and assess the situation. We can provide budget costings for the necessary repair based on our wealth of experience gained from over 40 years in business.

There are various methods that can be utilised in reinstating a river bank that has collapsed. In certain circumstances we can look to soft engineering methods and attempt to benefit the environment through biodiversity net gains. Whilst in other circumstances, only a hard engineering option will provide the necessary solution.


We always work with both the client and the Environment Agency to work towards a solution that suits both parties. We have in-house capabilities to carry out 3D design mock ups to present to the Environment Agency and to the client.

With any work that is adjacent to a river bank it is necessary to gain an Environment Agency Flood Risk Activity Permit, also known as a FRAP for short. As part of our service, Cooks will act on behalf of the client and carry out all of the administration work necessary to try and obtain the required permit. Depending on the given circumstances this can take a matter of weeks or several months. This is based on the size, complexity and whether or not the project is classed as emergency repair works.

If you are looking for expert advice on the condition of your river bank then please contact us.

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