Consultancy and Early Contractor Involvement Services

How we differentiate from the ‘old way of thinking’

Traditionally in construction contracts, the client would appoint a consultant to design a project that would be later built by a contractor. This approach could be fragmented, adversarial and lacking continuity of responsibility through the various project stages. The traditional approach often cuts out the benefits that the contractor can bring to the team. The client gains no benefit of the contractors knowledge that has been built up through many years of operating. As such, success or failure of the project could be determined before a contractor is engaged.

The New Way – Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Early Contractor Involvement, involves Cooks Marine Services as the contractor, being an integrated member of the team in the early stages of a project.

Our engagement can start at the feasibility stage if required, rather than after the main details of the project are already established, this approach ensures opportunities for improvement are not missed.



An example of ECI being used on a major project is High Speed Two (HS2), where it encouraged ‘improved team working, innovation and planning to deliver value for money, involving an integrated contractor and design team, appointed under an incentivised, two-stage contract’.

This contributes towards the development of a succinct and well thought out construction programme, improved management of project risks and a well considered approach to health and safety issues.

The sooner Cooks are involved in a project, the higher the chance of the client realising those benefits of ECI. Cooks will contribute during the design process, advising on the build-ability and sequencing of the project with potential for greater innovation.

Who has the greatest knowledge of the true cost of a construction project? The answer is the contractor. Cooks carry out risk and opportunity management plans on all of our tenders. This same approach can be passed through into our consultancy service, where we are involved in ECI. 

Working through the project with the client, or clients appointed consultant, to provide highly accurate programme, cost and risk allocation services. Cooks have a proven track record of innovation and with that comes the following; cost savings, improved conditions for health and safety and improved outputs, meaning a reduced construction duration. 

If your project involves work around inland waterways then please consider Cooks Marine Services for Early Contractor Involvement.

If you would like further information or a chance to talk to someone, please get in touch.

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