Landing stages & moorings

So what is a mooring? A mooring is the word used to describe the location where a vessel is berthed (parked).

If you have traveled the West Thames area by river, the chances are very high that you will have seen one of our landing stage installations. The number one difference between us and our competition is that our landing stages are built to last.

When we say we take pride in our work, we mean it, we have our very own fabrication yard in which the precise cutting of timber and steel can be made, for when we’re constructing bespoke landing stages.

Please view our gallery to see the types of landing stages that we design and build. Others try and copy us, but nobody comes near us in terms of the quality of craftsmanship that goes into making one of our bespoke landing stages.

We can offer different decking solutions for your project, depending on your project requirements in terms of aesthetics and available budget.

The key to understanding the type of landing stage you require is to first and foremost look at the specification of your vessel. Then you need to consider whether you will have visitors using the same landing stage, or a separate visitor mooring designated just for them.

The best thing to do is to make an enquiry with us, we will attend your property and undertake a survey. From there, we can discuss what we feel is achievable given any site constraints and provide you with budget costings. We will also act on your behalf in any dealings with the Environment Agency as it is likely that you’ll need to obtain a Flood Risk Activity Permit.

Please contact us today to discuss your landing stage requirements, we will then organise a suitable time to visit your property and undertake our survey.

If you would like further information or a chance to talk to someone, please get in touch.

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