Marine Civil Engineering

Marine Civil Engineering covers a broad spectrum of projects, as it can be defined as the planning, calculation, design and construction of structures in a wet environment.

Cooks Marine Services are proud to have worked on some of the UK’s major marine infrastructure projects. Often working with Tier 1 contractors and the Environment Agency to deliver some of these most prestigious of projects. We work with charities, Government departments, corporations and private individuals who want to find the best way to maintain, improve and restore British waterways and canals.

Working with water often involves the use of heavy civil engineering practices, such as the creation of temporary coffer dams, piling and bulk earthworks. Cooks are proud to be have been involved in heavy marine civil engineering projects across the UK. The planning and preparation involved in such projects is critical to its success. Cooks are often asked to get involved at the feasibility phase of such projects due to our expert knowledge and the specialist marine kit that we own. Our knowledge of realistic outputs for such heavy civil projects help to create the master programme for our clients.

The work will often be in difficult and hard-to-reach places, so we have developed a range of equipment and techniques to access parts that others can’t. We can work from our pontoons on the water, or use our unique range of specialist marine equipment to access those hard to reach places. Quite often inland marine projects are located right in the heart of residential developments, as people love to live near the water. This can make for very challenging site conditions, where access is severely restricted, yet heavy kit is required to undertake the works. It is our expert knowledge of working in such environments that sets us apart from the rest.

Here are some examples of our areas of expertise in marine civil engineering:

  • Marina construction and leisure facilities
  • Rivers, canals and waterways
  • Design and build of bridges, piers and jetties
  • Dams, reservoirs, tanks and intakes
  • Navigational marks, buoys and beacons
  • Riverbank repairs, including stabilisation and reinstatement
  • Bridge inspections and asset inspections
  • Dilapidation surveys and reports
  • Outfalls and intakes
  • Culverts and tunnels
  • Industrial plants, water plants and sewage treatment plants
  • New construction in concrete, stone, steel or timber
  • Repairs in concrete, stone, steel or timber
  • Fender installation
  • Pontoon supply and installation
  • Outfall and intake construction, inspection and repairs
  • Slipway, step and walkway construction
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Small scale dredging works
  • Scour protection
  • River bed surveys, ground investigation and borehole samples required in channel
  • Marine piling installation or extractions, such as steel sheet piles, timber posts, steel universal columns or beams
  • Structural inspections and surveys, including photographic survey schedules and recommendations for fully costed repair schedules

If your project involves working with water on inland waterways then we will be able to assist you, please make an enquiry today.

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