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We specialise in providing marine equipment to suit all sizes of projects, from small to major civil engineering projects, from undertaking work in tight and awkward spaces, on sites with limited access, through to craning in major components for marine infrastructure projects.

We have a vast array of plant and equipment that could prove invaluable on your project. Please scan over the below to get a feel of what we can offer.

Cranes and Pontoons

Cooks Marine Services are proud to hold the country’s largest stock of Nato’s pontoons. They also own a multitude of various sized crane barges, ranging from compact cranes for minor works up to very large cranes for major marine civil engineering projects.

Cooks Marine Services own a large number of different marine cranes and pontoons, ensuring that all size of marine civil engineering projects can be serviced. Cranes are available with either Unifloat or Nato pontoons, dependent on the project requirements.

Cooks Marine Services pontoons are available to hire with specialist stabilising legs, sometimes referred to as spud legs. This enables Cooks Marine Services to create a safe and stable working platform to undertake your marine civil engineering project from.

All Cooks Marine Services plant is available with fully trained and highly skilled operators.

Tug boats and workboats
Cooks Marine Services are proud to own a brand new fleet of tug boats, available for hire with our highly trained and experienced operators. There are push tugs, pull tugs, work boats and safety boats of all shapes and sizes to suit your project requirements.


Cooks Marine Services have a multitude of different piling attachments available to hire as part of your marine civil engineering project, from EMV Vibros (vibratory piling attachment) to drop hammers (sometimes called impact hammers). Our piling equipment comes available to hire along with a highly trained and experienced operating team, who can operate tugs, operate cranes and importantly provide the experience required for undertaking the piling works on your project. Cooks Marine Services civil engineers can create temporary coffer dams, drive steel sheet piles and tubular piles for creating fender piles, wet docks, boat houses, river bank stabilisation, riverside developments and much more. Cooks Marine Services are happy to take enquiries for Labour and Plant for piling works. Cooks Marine Services have the specialist marine plant available for your project.


Cook’s civil engineers have a combined work experience of over a 1000 marine civil engineering projects. It is this knowledge and experience that has proven that you need to have the right kit available to you at the right time. Especially when marine civil engineering projects are involved. That is why Cooks Marine Services own a number of different marine barges available to hire, from 20 ton hopper barges up to 40 ton hopper barges. Please make an enquiry to find out more.

With over 40 years of experience Cooks Marine Services have built up a vast amount of experience working on water. This experience and knowledge could prove valuable on your project. There is not much on the water that Cooks have not seen. So please feel free to make an enquiry and Cooks Marine Services will assist you with your project.

If you would like further information or a chance to talk to someone, please get in touch.

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