Cooks Marine Services are proud to directly own the largest fleet of NATO pontoons in the UK, as well as having a multitude of other pontoons in our fleet.

If you are looking for a floating modular pontoon set up, then you’re in the right place. Cooks have an in-house team of dedicated technicians and skilled operatives, enabling us to deliver turn key packages. As part of our service we offer free no obligation site visits. We can then offer project planning services undertaking design, onto completing the installation, all whilst adhering to the highest of health and safety standards.

Cooks Marine Services own a large number of different marine cranes and pontoons, ensuring that all size of marine civil engineering projects can be serviced. Cranes can be fitted onto the pontoons and are available with either Unifloat or Nato pontoons, dependent on the project requirements.

Cooks Marine Services pontoons are available to hire with specialist stabilising legs, sometimes referred to as spud legs. This enables Cooks Marine Services to create a safe and stable working platform to help you achieve your project requirements. Our pontoons have been used on major civil engineering projects, TV, film and media, creating temporary bridges for river and waterways crossings, to river transport logistics.

All Cooks Marine Services plant is available with our directly employed, fully trained and highly skilled operators. If you require a floating modular pontoon setup, then make an enquiry with us today.

If you would like further information or a chance to talk to someone, please get in touch.

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