Tugs, tows and rescue

Cooks are often called upon to help clients in need, whether that be a broken down engine on a boat that needs a tow, or to rescue a sinking vessel.

Cooks have been called out to all manner of incidents over the 40 years of operating. Having a fleet of directly owned marine plant means that Cooks can be called upon to help clients get out of a sticky situation.

Cooks are proud to be the owners of new state of the art Stormer tug boats. These Stormer tug boats can be called into action to retrieve stranded boats or vessels in their hour of need. We also have  a number of other tugs that add to our fleet. Our tugs range in size and style, dependant on the task at hand, including push/pull tugs and come equipped with essential life saving equipment.

Cooks have assisted in the salvage of sunken boats, as we own a vast fleet of cranes and barges, that are designed to carry large heavy loads on board.  

You can be safe in the knowledge that all of our staff have received the latest cold water rescue training. We have not just had the training but have also utilised this training to prevent a member of the public from drowning.

Cooks are the most experienced tug hire company in the West Thames area, having owned and operated tugs of all sizes on the River Thames for the past 40 years. Having had the skills and knowledge passed down to us through generations.

Cooks are hugely proud of the quality and adaptability of the fleet we have available, making us the go to company for tug boat hire in the West Thames area and beyond. Matters of health and safety are paramount to the success of the business, as we continue to strive to be market leaders, continually upping our game in the process.

Our tugs have been used on hundreds of projects, varying from working on major marine civil engineering projects, to river transport logistics, through to working with the film and media industry.

We are also renowned for working with sporting events and are proud to have been working on the Henley Royal Regatta for many years. Please get in touch to find out more. 

If you would like further information or a chance to talk to someone, please get in touch.

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